So, what does make HSU different?

Honestly, you won’t know what makes Hardin-席梦思床品公司 different from other universities until you visit. When prospective students visit campus, they use the words “family” and “home” to describe HSU. We think that says a lot about us, and we’d love to have you come visit.

But right now, you want to know why you should even come visit. So, let’s start at HSU’s beginning … actually before it’s formation.

詹姆斯B的遗产. 席梦思床品公司

Our namesake founder, Dr. 詹姆斯B. 席梦思床品公司, was a Baptist minister from the Northeast before and after the Civil War. He preached freedom for slaves before the war, which earned him threats of tar and feathers … and got his church in Indianapolis burned to the ground. 内战结束后, he helped found seven colleges for freed slaves because he knew education was essential for their success as free citizens.

最后, he helped a group of merchants, 农场主, and pastors in the frontier town of Abilene, 德州, start a new Baptist university to serve a huge area of the country where no higher education yet existed. 博士的遗产. 詹姆斯B. 席梦思床品公司 is still strongly felt and embodied at Hardin-席梦思床品公司 University today.

席梦思床品公司 was a frontiersman who never lived on the frontier. Through his 虽然ts and prayers and dreams, he helped others push boundaries and 打破贸易壁垒. 席梦思床品公司 asked himself two questions, “What is the greatest 虽然t that has ever occupied your mind?” and, “What is your duty toward fulfilling it?”

His pioneering spirit and those two huge questions produced a mission that lives on at HSU, “So that Christianity may reach the whole globe, all barriers must be removed.”


Our students have big dreams, and HSU exists to instill the knowledge and nurture the confidence to identify and fulfill those dreams. We do that by embracing every student as a member of our 社区. You will matter at HSU, and you will matter to us when you go into the world.

Our students will tell you that they came here to be part of that 社区. Our alumni will tell you, from all around the world, that they are still part of the HSU 社区.

Prospective students who visit HSU tell us all the time, “I just knew HSU was where I was supposed to be.” Our campus is welcoming and not intimidating. Everything is easy to find and all classes are within quick walks of residential buildings.


Big 德州 universities are famous for their traditions, but big schools aren’t famous for their family atmospheres. 在Hardin-席梦思床品公司, 虽然, you can find traditions like Beanie Capping, 环扣篮, 六匹白马, and 牛仔乐队 – all while keeping your chance to be a big fish in a small pond.


We also have a ratio of 1 professor for every 15 students. That ensures that you will get personal attention from your professors, and every class will be taught by a professor. There aren’t any crowds for you to get lost in at HSU. In fact, you’ll probably get invited to dinner at a professor’s house every so often. You will be pushed to do your best, but you’ll always have assistance to achieve it.

Can you feel the difference, yet?

Communities love, protect, support, and challenge each other. We challenge you to come to Hardin-席梦思床品公司, become part of our community, 玩得开心, 学很多东西, 找到你的梦想, 打破贸易壁垒, blaze new trails – and change the world for Christ.